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                                                                              Call for Papers

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                                Discovering/Centering Black women at Historically Black College and Universities


Guest Editors:

Lori D. Patton Davis                               Jennifer M. Johnson                   Felecia E. Commodore

The Ohio State University                       Temple University                      Old Dominion University


Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) have been celebrated for their nurturing and familial campus environments. However, much of what we understand regarding HBCUs and gendered experiences is limited. What has been uncovered and explored is often siloed into various spaces leaving one to have to cognitively conjure what ecosystems are created by Black women and how these ecosystems are discovered, experienced, and navigated. Though tensions exist when discussing gender issues at HBCUs, these issues and experiences must be explored.



Aligned with the aims of the Journal of African American Women and Girls in Education, we are interested in manuscripts that “address the unique realities” of Black women and girls within the HBCU environment. This issue invites Black women experiences from various spaces and places on HBCU campuses and in the HBCU community into a collective conversation. We bring these scholarly, practical, conceptual, theoretical, and philosophical explorations together to (re)discover, center, and (re)define the experiences, sensemaking, and world-making practices of Black women within the HBCU context. Potential topics may include, but are not limited to:


  • Historical and contemporary perspectives on the representation of women, womanhood, gender identity and gender expression, and sexuality at HBCUs;
  • The role of institutional culture on defining and redefining gendered college policies;
  • The experiences of Black women students, faculty, or staff navigating diverse HBCU contexts or academic programs;
  • Perspectives on the leadership trajectory and experiences of Black women at HBCUs;
  • COVID-19, the Racial Pandemic, and the HBCU context.
  • Explorations and representations of Black womanhood in the HBCU context


Manuscripts should be a maximum of 25 double-spaced pages, inclusive of tables and references (APA 7). Manuscripts should be free of biased language as outlined in APA 7. Manuscripts will undergo a peer-review process, and ultimately 6 submissions will be selected for publication.


Submission and Timeline: We invite you to submit your manuscript by February 1, 2024. E-mail all manuscript proposals to Drs. Lori Patton Davis (, Jennifer M. Johnson (, and Felecia E. Commodore ( Feel free to contact any guest editor, if you have any questions or need additional information.

Notification of paper acceptance                                       March 15, 2024

Final paper revisions due                                                  June 1, 2024

Final submission to JAAWGE Editorial Board                September 1, 2024