About the Journal

The Journal of African American Women and Girls in Education (JAAWGE) encourages scholarly submissions from education researchers and practitioners which address the unique realities of African American women and girls in education. Submissions should have clearly identified recommendations for research, theory, and practice which can lead to the improved educative outcomes for African American women and/or girls as students, teachers, faculty, staff, administrators, or mothering in P-20 educational contexts. We are the sister journal to the Journal of African American Males in Education (JAAME). 

Type of Articles that JAAWGE Publishes

Manuscripts submissions to JAAWGE should illustrate clear evidence of a theoretical underpinning or conceptual framework. Submissions should be written in a manner which is comprehendible and useful to both researchers and practitioners of education in community and school settings. JAAWGE publishes several types of scholarly articles: a) research studies, which exhibit rigorous standards of empirical investigation. This includes studies which are mixed-methods, qualitative, and quantitative in nature; b) literature reviews/conceptual analysis, whereby researchers synthesize their research to illustrate gaps in current scholarly works on a given subject area, or which present a cogent and new perspective on current theory and research in a given area. This includes studies such as integrative reviews, literature meta-syntheses, meta-analyses, and general literature reviews; and c) book reviews, which critically synthesize and/or analyze recent scholarly or practitioner-oriented books on a given subject area. Author(s) interested in conducting a book review for submission to JAAWGE are advised to speak to the editor(s) in advance.

Manuscript Preparation

Articles should not exceed 25 pages in length, not including tables, figures, and references. This maximum page length allows JAAWGE to include more studies from a greater number of contributors. Articles should be double-spaced, 12 point font, Times New Roman font, and all submissions should adhere to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA) 6th edition guidelines. All submissions not meeting these guidelines will be returned to the author(s), without review.

Figures, charts, and images must be clear and in one of the following formats (e.g., JPEG, PNG, GIF, or Microsoft Application Files). If authors desire to reproduce figures, tables, charts, art, images, and/or lengthy quotes from other sources, the author is responsible for attaining permission and for all fees associated required by the copyright holder. Authors should not submit a manuscript to JAAWGE that is under review at another journal, or which has been published in totality or in part through another scholarly outlet. All submissions should be accompanied by an abstract, no longer than 200 words in length. Submission should also include 3-5 keywords. Authors names in order of appearance, title, affiliation, research interests, primary contact information for publication inquiries, and other pertinent information should accompany the manuscript.

Manuscript Review Process

JAAWGE uses a blind peer-reviewed process to determine the acceptability of articles for publication. Articles are initially reviewed by the journal editor(s) to determine whether they meet the scope and quality required adequate examination by reviewers. Submissions are then stripped by the editor(s) for identifiable information. Articles are then sent to at least two (2) reviewers. Reviews are blind, meaning that the reviewers will not know who the author(s) submitting the article are. After an initial review, articles will be placed into four categories: 1) Accept Submission as is (this rarely occurs); 2) Accept with Revisions Required; 3) Resubmit for Review, and 4) Decline Submission. Almost every article accepted for publication will need additional modifications per the reviewer's remarks. After these remarks are addressed by the author(s), the submission is returned to JAAWGE. Upon the editorial board's approval of modifications,  the article is sent to copyediting. After the submission has been copyedited and formatted, it is sent to the author(s) for final approval (prior to publication). JAAWGE reserves the right to make minor edits to submissions during the post-review process.

Copyright Control

Authors retain copyright control of articles published in the journal. Reprints cannot be granted for articles in new issues. Except in these cases, those who wish to reprint articles, large excerpts, figures, graphs, tables, or images should contact authors directly. When referencing any published articles from this online journal, JAAWGE is to be credited as the publication outlet. We suggest including the URL link to JAAWGE. Permission to copy an article is provided to all subscribers, but cannot be sold, except by its author(s). Authors are free to disseminate and post their articles.